Our people

V-group offers more than 100 job positions and provides a secure and stable working environment, committed to company values.

People in V-group have specialized knowledge and training and are involved in different sectors.

Continuous education and training of human resources is a priority for the Group. The goal is to offer employees the tools and expertise to support their daily work, so that they are able to offer innovative solutions to address challenges, optimize safe working conditions and improve productivity.

The involvement of V-group in different business sectors and its constant development offer employees access to a wide range of knowledge, skills and dynamic development.

In this framework, our people have the opportunity to:

develop new ways of expression and thought,

manage new challenges,

foster communication and cooperation skills,

promote creative thinking and

develop management skills and problem solving.

The main objective of the Group is to act with responsibility and consistency towards our employees and to remain their first choice throughout their professional career. We stand beside them and support their professional development.

Company culture

V-group, corporate culture is the cohesive element ensuring the unity to achieve Group vision and inspire all employees, from management sector to production.

The main axis of corporate culture is continuous investment in human resources, which is the main power of the company.

With this philosophy:

We focus on attracting and retaining capable employees with values and principles that are consistent with those of the Group.

We utilize the potential of our human resources and constantly seek to provide our people the tools and opportunities to develop their potential within the Group.

We encourage innovation, initiatives, learning and diversity.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the balance between professional and personal life.

We have corporate values that promote business excellence and social responsibility.

Carrier Opportunities

Join our experienced team of professionals who share the same passion for innovation and offer daily unique services and products.

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