V-group is a powerful business group in Western Macedonia, which has developed activities in the fields of education, training and certification, development of entrepreneurship, advertising, communication, marketing, IT, New Technologies and Tourism.

The last decade has been a very fruitful period for V-group, as during these years it has formed its features and was expanded in Greece and internationally. V-group seeks opportunities in various fields and constantly explores new investments, nationally and internationally.

Having tremendous dedication to vision and company values, and by using basic tools for optimal management and business extroversion, V-group creates long-term prospects, despite the unfavorable conditions caused by the financial crisis in our country.

- Our vision

Our vision is to establish as a strong business group which will provide high quality services to customers and colleagues at international level, and will invest in innovation and other important sectors for the development of the country, using human resources and business intelligence of Greece.

Company values

‘The dynamic development of V-group is inextricably linked with our company values and. Business excellence is achieved by the dedication to our vision and the respect for society, environment, human resources and partners.’

Haris Vanidis, Director

Our company values:

- Business Excellence

We constantly strive to improve our performance at all levels, in order to achieve optimal business results: Sustainability, high performance, competitive advantage, continuous progress, innovation, high safety and quality levels.

- Emphasis in human resources

‘Companies are living structures developed by humans.... We constantly invest in human resources as the main power of our Group’

Sotiris Papas, CEO

- Respect to Society and Environment

All the companies of the Group are Socially Responsible and act with respect towards the environment.

- Companies of the Group

- Organization chart

- Quality assurance

All the companies of V-group apply the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008. 2 of the companies apply an Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2004.

- International actions

The business extroversion of V-group is confirmed by important agreements that continue to take place, despite the unfavorable conditions caused by the financial crisis. High standards and specifications of the Group prove the ability of the Greek entrepreneurship to implement projects in foreign countries, even in developed markets, such as in Western Europe.