ORAMA GROUP is an innovative company founded in 2004 and is active in the field of consulting, design and implementation of national and European programs, supporting organizations and companies in the Private and Public sector, representing employees in Greece and employees. abroad. The company is headquartered in Kozani, in privately owned modern facilities and a branch in Rio Patras. Constantly following the developments and combining science, innovation and collaboration, the VISION-DEVELOPMENT GROUP undertakes complex projects and provides integrated services of a high level, utilizing the special know-how it possesses. The good knowledge of the market, the specialized human resources, the long experience of its executives and collaborators, are a guarantee for the implementation of any project achieving the desired result. The company has a network of collaborating bodies in Greece and abroad and is a member of International Associations and European Centers and an institutional consultant to many Public Sector Bodies such as Municipalities, Chambers, Organizations and the private sector. He has established excellent cooperation and networking relations with University Institutions and Research Centers from which he draws know-how and specialized knowledge. He participates as a partner and coordinator in many transnational and research co-financed programs and has accumulated a significant number of products, services, patents and patents which are the result of research projects and which he utilizes for investment.