All the business activities of V-group are based on the excellent relationship of the Group with the society and the absolute respect for the environment.


The social responsibility actions are implemented both individually by each company of the Group and as a whole by the central administration. Each social responsibility action is adapted to a specific context which is shaped by the following guidelines:

  • The development of the culture of corporate social responsibility in all the companies of the Group
  • Recognition, measurement and reduction of our environmental footprint in our areas of activity
  • Promoting transparency in all our business units, transactions and operations
  • Ensuring the best working environment, but also the highest possible level of satisfaction of our people, through their participation in the continuous development of the Group
  • Promoting the protection of Human and, above all, Labor Rights
  • Our substantial and uninterrupted participation in the satisfaction of the needs of the local, but also of the wider society
  • The effort to expand the commitment to corporate social responsibility to partners and customers


The V-group undertakes many important initiatives such as:

- Business Excellence

Every year we undertake a class of a Primary School in collaboration with the Teachers’ Association and the Parents and Guardians Association and one day they are hosted in a large business where they watch “live” and actively participate in all its business operations to be initiated in entrepreneurship. A very innovative initiative where experts accompany children and guide them to understand the value of healthy entrepreneurship. Students enjoy it and always leave excited.

- Human Resources Development Academy

The Human Resources Development Academy is a non-profit structure funded by the V-group and aims to disseminate, develop and promote the principles, methods and practice of modern HR. Its actions involve legal entities, businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors, as well as individuals, senior and senior executives, businessmen, university professors and students. Its Strategy and Action are developed in the following key areas: education, information, networking, research, communication. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of Greek companies through the development of their people. At the same time, it aims to offer modern quality and specialized services, which meet the requirements of the difficult economic environment, with special emphasis on education and the development of leadership skills, while promoting the concept of Excellence at all levels.

- Entrepreneurship School

Educational Structure that is funded and supported by the V-group and which organizes seminars on modern methods of organization and operation of start-up companies. Participants – young entrepreneurs or unemployed who want to be active in business – have the opportunity to learn many useful things from scientists, experts, entrepreneurs to face the challenges of the new era and the job market. The School also implements the “MPORO KSANA” Program, which is aimed at entrepreneurs who have failed and are out of the market, providing them with psychological support, education, accounting and legal support to prepare them for reintegration into the business community.


- Sponsor of the "Festival of Wildflowers and Herbs"

Every year on June 5 is World Environment Day and the V-group in collaboration with mountaineering and environmental associations organizes the Festival of Wildflowers and Herbs on Mount Bourinos. An environmental awareness event for citizens, businessmen and students on a very topical day.

- The "OPEN HANDS" Foundation (

A V-group charity program that follows very innovative and discreet solutions to provide substantial help to people in need.

- Corporate Sponsorship

In its judgment, the Group chooses to support various purposes that do not fall within the scope of the above main initiatives, such as Basketball Academies, sporting events, tournaments, cultural events, etc.