V-group is a strong business group in Western Macedonia, which has developed great activity in the fields of education, training and certification of human resources, business development, advertising, communication, trade, Informatics and New Technologies. and Tourism.

The last decade has been for the V-group a very fruitful period that shaped the characteristics and foundations on which the strengthening of the Group was based, both in Greece and internationally. The Group is looking for opportunities in various fields and is constantly exploring new investments, both at National and International Level.

Having a huge commitment to the vision and corporate values ​​that have been set and key tools for excellent management and business extroversion, the V-group creates long-term prospects, despite the adverse conditions created by the economic crisis in our country.


Our vision is to establish itself as a strong business group that will guarantee high quality services for its customers and partners, internationally and will invest in innovation and neuralgia, for the development of our country’s sectors, using it human resources and business intelligence of the Greek Region.


"The dynamic business development of V-group is inextricably linked to our corporate values and the pursuit of business excellence is governed by our commitment to our vision and respect for society, the environment, our people and partners."
Xaris Vanidis
President of V-group

- Business Excellence

We are constantly striving to improve our performance at all levels to achieve excellent business results: Sustainability, High Performance, Competitive Advantage, Continuous Progress, Innovation, High Security and Quality Levels.

- Basic element is the human capital

"Businesses are living structures that are developed by people .... We are constantly investing in human capital because it is the driving force behind our Group."
Sotiris Papas

- Alliance with Society and the Environment

Socially responsible development, respect for the environment as a daily practice in all businesses.




All the companies of the V-group apply Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / IEC 27001 and in 2 of them the Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2004 is applied.


The business extroversion of the V-group is confirmed by important agreements that have been made and are still being made, despite the adverse conditions created by the economic crisis. The assignment to the Group, through its companies, of projects of high demands and specifications, proves the possibility of Greek entrepreneurship to claim equal, projects in foreign countries, even in developed markets, such as those of Western Europe.